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    Arabian Horse Association

    An Anglo can be bred to another Anglo, Thoroughbred or Arabian as long as the resulting foal is 25% to 75% Arabian blood.

    Naming Rules:
    1. names limited to 21 characters including spaces
    2. names cannot have more than four parts
    3. no numerical prefixes or suffixes
    4. no Sr. or Jr. suffixes
    5. no punctuation, apostrophes, or diacritical markings/symbols
    6. no duplicate names

    Hawk Nelson (Knight Hawk ® [ARAB] x Almost Crimson ®) IMEHA CHAMPION
    2002 black; OF Breyer Stablemates G2 Rearing Arabian
    75% Arabian Blood
    champion hunter and park horse breeding
    FFC 2005 / LFC: 2025 (0)

    Everybody Talks (Post Exchange ® x Talk of Gold ® [TB])
    1996 bay; CM Breyer Classic Ruffian
    25% Arabian Blood
    champion hunter/jumper breeding
    open 2000-2020 (0)

    Arabian Horse Association

    Naming Requirements:
    1. 21 character limit
    2. Four word limit
    3. No numerals prefixes or suffixes
    4. No Sr. or Jr. suffixes
    5. No punctuation

    Traditional Naming, Egyptian:
    1. Ibn (son of)
    2. Bint (daughter of)
    3. Bint Bint (granddaughter of)
    Traditional Naming, Polish & Russian:
    1. Often given one word names in language of country of origin
    2. Tend to be named with first letter of dam's name

    Color Restrictions: Dilute colors (palomino, buckskin, etc) do not exist in the purebred Arabian gene pool.

    Maksimilian (Padron ® x Mistiannin ®)
    1990 flea bitten grey (chestnut base) Russian; OF Breyer Classic Sagr
    his sire has sired more than 60 National winners worldwide
    FFC: 1993 / LFC: 2013 (4)
    Iskandar (Ruminaja Ali ® x Glorietasayonaara ®)
    1991 dapple grey (bay base) Egyptian; OF Breyer Classic Black Stallion
    Homozygous Grey (can only have grey foals)
    his sire is one of the most influential Egyptian sires in modern times
    FFC: 1994 / LFC: 2014 (4)
    Evening Attire (Evening Shaide ® x La Manchas Minx ®)
    1998 black Domestic; OF Breyer Traditional Sham
    his sire is a leading dressage sire of Arabian Sport Horses
    FFC: 2001 / LFC: 2021 (1) click for more info
    Patryk (Europejczyk ® x Phyllan ®)
    1998 bay Polish; OF Breyer Classic Sagr
    sire is one of the greatest Polish Arabian racehorses
    FFC: 2001 / LFC: 2021 (1)
    Amir (Simeon Shai ® x Minstrils Jewel ®)
    1999 bay Egyptian; OF Safari Arabian
    sire won the Triple Crown of Championships in 1991
    FFC: 2002 / LFC: 2022 (2)
    Shakespearean Dance (WR Shakespeare ® x Dancing Colors ®)
    2005 chestnut sabino rabicano Domestic; BSO placeholder for OF Breyer Classic Black Stallion
    the sabino and rabicano genes has caused his coat to look like that of a true roan
    FFC: 2008 / LFC: 2028 (0)

    Zahrah (Thee Desperado ® x PH Safina ®)
    1992 bay Egyptian; OF Breyer classic Johar
    Homozygous Black (can’t have chestnut foals)
    sire is the world's leading living sire of Straight Egyptian Arabians
    open 2000-2008, 2010-2016 (5)
    Anastasiya (Muscat ® x CR Angel Mist ®)
    1995 chestnut Russian; OF Safari Arabian
    sire is the first Arabian ever to win the Triple Crown of Championships
    open 2003-2006, 2008-2019 (5)
    Marzena (Elegant SA ® x Melissa SA ®)
    1996 flea-bitten grey (bay base) Polish; OF Breyer Classic Johar
    full sister to champion filly WA Miss Mirabell
    open 2000, 2002-2020 (1)
    Malaika (Marquis I ® x Nagda ®)
    1998 white/grey (chestnut base) Egyptian; OF Unknown Glass Figurine
    full sister to Majestic Noble SMF
    open 2003-2009, 2011-2022 (2)
    Khlassic Klaudia (Khartoon Khlassic ® x Gladiola Bey ®)
    2000 black sabino Domestic; CM Breyer paddock pal Arabian
    full sister to the purebred Arabian pinto WA Outrageous
    open 2006-2024 (2)

    International Morab Breeders Association

    Registration Requirements:
    1. Arabian and Morgan breeding only
    2. Crosses of 1/4 to 3/4 in favor of either breed type is allowed

    Spyder Games (JCW Rev's Cajun Sundancer ® [MORGAN] x Khlassic Klaudia [ARAB]) IMEHA CHAMPION
    2005 smoky black sabino overo; OF Breyer Stablemates G2 Morgan
    1/2 Arabian; can breed to any Morab, Arabian, or Morgan
    FFC: 2008 / LFC: 2028 (0)

    Taijah (Windmere Royal Topaz ® x Small Ponds Taijarae Moro ® [Morgan])
    2000 palomino; OF Breyer Mini Whinnies Sitting Foal
    1/4 Arabian; can breed to any Morab or Arabian
    sire has been named IMBA Horse of the Year twice
    open 2004-2024 (0)

    International Pinto Arabian Registry

    Registration Requirements:
    1. Horses must be at least 50% Arabian with a pinto pattern
    2. Pintabian horses must be at least 99.218% Arabian with a tobiano pattern
    3. Supreme Class for horses at least 98.43% Arabian with any pinto pattern

    Chocolate Chip (CR The Gamaarai ® x Evening Starr ® [ARAB]) IMEHA CHAMPION
    1994 bay tobiano; OF Breyer classic Andalusian stallion
    96.875% Arabian
    dam is 2003 Reserve World Champion Mare
    FFC: 1997 / LFC: 2017 (1)
    Bustin' Dust (Parys El Jamaal ® [ARAB] x BHR Raffons Dream ®) IMEHA SUPERIOR CHAMPION
    1997 bay tobiano; OF Breyer classic Black Stallion
    Homozygous Black (can’t have chestnut foals)
    98.4375% Arabian "Supreme Class"
    sire is 1997 U.S. National Reserve Champion Stallion
    FFC:2000 / LFC: 2020 (0)

    Sugar 'N' Spice (The Atticus ® [ARAB] x Sweet Valentine ® [PAINT])
    1996 grulla tobiano; breeding stock only
    50% Arabian
    damsire is the Supreme Champion stallion The Minstril
    open 2001-2020 (1)
    Honey Dip (Chocolate Chip x Sugar 'N' Spice) IMEHA SUPERIOR CHAMPION
    2000 yellow dun tobiano; OF Breyer classic Mustang foal
    Homozygous Tobiano (will always have tobiano foals)
    73.4375% Arabian
    bred by Thundervalley Farm
    open 2004-2024 (0)

    International Quarab Horse Association

    Registration Requirements:
    1. Arabian and Quarter or Paint Horse breeding ONLY
    2. Crosses of 1/8 to 7/8 in favor of either breed type is allowed

    Billy Talent (Khemander Kody ® [ARAB] x Billie Piper) IMEHA CHAMPION
    1998 palomino; OF Breyer Paddock Pals Arabian
    3/4 Arabian; can breed to any Arabian, Quarab, Quarter Horse, or Paint
    absolutely brilliant cutting horse lines!
    bred by Thundervalley Farm
    FFC: 2001 / LFC: 2021 (0)

    Billie Piper (Bill The Cutter ® [QH] x Cinnamonn Bay ® [ARAB])
    1994 palomino; breeding stock only
    1/2 Arabian; can breed to any Quarab, Arabian, Quarter Horse, or Paint
    sire is 100% old foundation cutting horse breeding
    open 1999-2018 (1)
    Solar Flair (PF Phar Lap ® [ARAB] x Celebrity Step ® [QH])
    1999 bay; OF Enesco Ceramic Horse
    1/2 Arabian; can breed to any Quarab, Arabian, Quarter Horse, or Paint
    great grandsire is the highly influential Arabian sire *Bask
    open 2003-2023 (0)
    Morning Glory (Dun Got The Blues x Zephyr Lily [ARAB]) IMEHA SUPERIOR CHAMPION
    2002 slate grulla; OF Breyer classic Arabian foal
    7/8 Arabian; breed to minimum 1/8 Quarter Horse or Paint to have Quarab foal
    great grandsire is Huckleberry Bey, leading sire of US National Performance/Halter Champions
    bred by Hidden Valley Stables/Thundervalley Farm
    open 2006-2026 (0)

    This is a model horse site. All horses mentioned on these pages that are owned by Thundervalley Farm are either models or paper identities.
    Any real horses mentioned are for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a ® after the name.